What Design Can Do launched the Clean Energy Challenge in 2018. It runs until the end of 2019.

With the help of many others, and building on insights I gained while working with energy companies (such as Eneco Wind) and 3D modellers (for various digital projects) I submitted a rough proposal to visualize energy consumption on a local scale by rendering a comprehensive 3D model of the carbon emissions of all the buildings that make up the city of Amsterdam. Subsequently the model can be used to generate AR-visuals and localized renders for use in location-specific outdoor print campaigns and personalized direct mailings. Those campaigns target residents on a very personal level: the street they live in, where they’re shown what their CO2 emissions really look like, how it compares to the city blocks around them, and – ofcourse – how they can do their part in making their street carbonneutral.

You can find more info in the proposal for Carbon City Blocks.